Affordable Tax Services for Individuals, Small Businesses, Estates and Trusts.

Areas of Practice

Tax planning and preparation

The goal of tax planning and preparation is to maximize tax deductions and minimize tax burden. Tax planning also includes structuring withholding taxes and estimated tax payments for those who pay in semi-annual installments.

Tax planning can be scheduled anytime throughout the year, but the earlier in the year, the more effective it will be at managing tax liability for the coming year.

Personal Tax Preparation

This includes single, married filing jointly, married filing separately, head of household is filed using the form 1040.  Those who only receive a W-2 from their employer and do not itemize their deductions and have no other sources of income may be able to file their taxes using the form 1040EZ which is billed at $50 flat which includes the State return and e-file of both returns. Those who itemize their tax deductions file a schedule A if their tax deductions exceed the standard deduction.  Investment and dividend income file schedule B which is included in the basic cost of the standard form 1040. 

Business Tax Preparation

Small businesses that are sole proprietorships file schedule C of the form 1040.  Small businesses that are partnerships file form 1065 with Form K-1 to each of the partners.  Small businesses that are S-Corps file form 1120-S.  Corporations file form 1120 and billing is based on the number of legal entities and the consolidated return when applicable.  Price listing available at consultation.

Enrolled Agent services

This includes representing the tax paying client before the IRS.  We will represent you before the IRS in any dispute, audit or collection issue.

other tax and accounting services

We are available to advise clients on any stock-based compensation issues that may arise.  We will work with clients on bookkeeping, accounting and payroll and investment issues as requested.